Fish Table Games Online

Fish tables are one of the games that are being loved at many reputable bookmakers on the market today. If you are a beginner to playing fish table game online, learn carefully about the rules of the game, how to play and experience to easily receive great prizes! W88 will help you better understand this game. Let’s learn more with us!

Fish Table Games At W88

Fish table is one of the very popular games and is loved by many players at the W88 bookie. With a sophisticated interface, sharp graphics, 3D images and realistic sound, online fish tables bring you a vast oceanic world, with lots of interesting experiences.

These games are available with the W88 app, players can use their phone or tablet to experience this game. Therefore, players can easily participate in their fish hunting, anytime, anywhere with only devices with a stable Internet connection.

The rules of playing online fish table games are very simple. All you need to do is use your loaded gun to destroy fish. Each symbol in the game has a different payout value. The more big fish are destroyed, the higher the bonus you get.

When you own a certain amount of coins, you can exchange coins to buy weapons, scratch cards or game cards or convert them to real money and withdraw them to your betting account. 

In general, online shooting fish game is a simple game and suitable for a lot of players. However, to be able to conveniently destroy large fish, you must know how to use bullets as well as learn the most suitable features. Besides, you also need to hone your shooting skills accurately to increase your chances of getting huge coins.

The List Of Online Fish Table Game At W88

Currently, at W88 bookie, you can choose for yourself the most suitable game from the list of games below:

  • Orient Animals Fishing
  • Shenlong Fishing
  • Cai Sheng Fishing
  • Dragon Fishing
  • Five Dragon Fishing

All W88 bookie games are sure to bring exciting experiences with huge prizes. With the above exciting games, W88 will not disappoint you.

How To Play Fish Tables Online?

W88 bookie is a leading prestigious address providing exciting fish tables online with many of the best services. If you want to play on your phone, just download the game to your device and start hunting fish. Or you can play directly at the dealer according to the instructions below:

Step 1: Visit the W88 homepage 

Before starting to participate in shooting fish, you must visit the W88 website and login to your account. Currently, there are many phishing websites, so you need to carefully select the most reputable links. After logging in to your account, if this is your first time joining, you need to deposit into your W88 account, then transfer funds from your main account to your fishing account. 

Step 2: Choose your favorite  game

After logging in to your account, select GAMES on the interface -> choose your favorite fish game -> select PLAY NOW to start the hunt. 

If you are a new player, you can choose TRY free to be able to understand some of the features of online fish table games.

Step 3: Select the play area 

In each game there will be separate play areas, suitable for all players.

For example:

-Newbie: Suitable for new players. 

– Expert: For players with little experience playing.

Step 4: Start the game 

When the interface appears, you will start to select the gun. At the same time, you need to aim, you can choose to add other features to destroy fish and other marine species. Each type of fish has a different value, shooting more big fish will get more coins. After the game is over, you can withdraw the winnings to your account or exchange the winning coins for real money or scratch cards, game cards.

Some Tips To Play Fish Table Games

To be able to win more easily, you should learn gaming tips from the players who shoot fish at the W88 bookie.    

The mustache strategy 

The mustache is the most effective and accurate tactic to play. This method requires players to aim at small fish, shoot slowly to destroy each fish one. Just like that, you will have a chance to destroy large fish that have been hit by bullets from previous players.

Shoot fish in groups 

If you come across a group of fish, you can use 2 bullets to shoot and shoot 3-5 times continuously. Thus, you will be able to destroy a lot of small fish and receive a lot of large amounts of coins. However, you need to aim very accurately and accurately to not waste bullets, because each bullet is purchased with your real money.

Shoot big fish at the right time 

This is a tactic that many players apply and bring extremely attractive results. However, shooting fish at the right time is only suitable for players with large capital, because large fish need an abundant amount of capital to be able to save their time and coins.


Online shooting fish game is a perfect choice for players, this game promises to bring you the best experience, as well as the opportunity to discover hidden treasures on the ocean floor. What are you waiting for? Join W88 to start your exciting hunting trip! Good Luck!