Introduction About Live Casino Platform At W88 Bookmaker

W88 is the website that appeared for a long time in the betting market. Bookie owns a lot of experience in organizing and providing online games. Coming to W88, players have the opportunity to experience many attractive betting products and services.

One of the unique betting platforms that receive many compliments from players is the live casino. To participate in online casino betting is not difficult, but first, players need to understand the platform. The following article will introduce the necessary information about bookie’s online casino for viewers.

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Live Casino Platform At W88 Bookmaker

W88’s live casino platform is really strong, attracting many customers and bringing in great profits. Coming to W88, players have the opportunity to experience famous card games in the world, with dozens of different variations. In particular, each playground has a real, professional and beautiful Dealer to support.

Live casino products come from reputable publishers such as: GPI Games, Sexy Gaming, Play Game, Microgaming,… both the content and images of the products are really quality. The W88 betting environment is very civilized and fair. The camera system monitors many camera angles, regularly checking the player’s account unexpectedly. Any problems, if any, are quickly rectified.

The main platform of the Live casino at W88 on the computer interface

  • Club W Casino: The room has a luxurious, classy and artistic style.
  • Club Evolution: High entertainment products, novel games bring a sense of sublimation on the tableClub Palazzo: High-class online games featuring Asian and European dealer girls.
  • Club Palazzo: High-class online games featuring Asian and European dealer girls.
  • Club Massimo: Online casino products with high quality video.

Live casino main halls on mobile interface

  • Club W Grand
  • Club W Premier
  • Club W Gold.

The Advantages Of Live Casino Platform At W88 Bookmaker

Variety of Betting Rooms

The website operates with many different betting halls, each of which is decorated and operated in its own style. Thanks to that, players of any style can easily choose and bet according to their liking. In addition, for mobile betting, W88 does not limit the participation of players, mobile platforms still ensure quality for users, diversity and convenience.

Product Quantity

  • Blackjack

Depending on the table, there will usually be a maximum of 4 players in the same bet. The dealer will take turns handing out cards to the players, each getting two cards. The Player and the Dealer take turns drawing more cards if the points of the original two cards are low. The people in the hand do not play against each other, each person will play the Dealer. The side with the higher score wins. According to the rules, the player with the highest score is 21 points and the player who crosses the 21 mark loses.

  • Roulette

This classic wheel is available at all brick-and-mortar casinos and websites. This proves the game is really attractive and has great attraction. The rules of the game are quite simple, the player chooses the number box on the wheel, then the dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball in. When the wheel stops, whichever number the ball lands on, the player who chooses that number will win. This game has many different bets: black/red bets, odd/even bets,….

  • Sicbo

An indispensable product at W88’s live casino: Sicbo – a game of chance and great attraction. Players have many different ways to bet, the odds can be 1:8, 1:6 or 1:50…

After the player places a bet, the Dealer will roll the dice, if the number of points from the dice matches the box that the player bet on, they will win money. Usually players will bet on 4 doors: over, under, even and odd.

And there are many other extremely attractive betting products available at W88 bookie.

Quick Payment At W88

Reputable bookies like W88, M88, 188bet or Vn88 has an extremely smart deposit and withdrawal process. Currently, most of the major banks in the country are linked to W88. Players can trade anytime, anywhere.

The methods are easy to implement, all problems are supported by service staff in a timely manner. Only after 3 to 5 minutes each transaction will be done successfully. All transaction information is saved by the system and not disclosed to the outside.

Nice layout, easy usage

Players can bet on card games using PC or mobile. The interface on both systems is both beautiful and cleverly arranged for ease of use. In particular, the system allows players to bet on both popular operating systems, Android and IOS. Players can experience a masterful, convenient and extremely private experience.

Easy Account Sign Up

Players only need to follow the available instructions to become a member of W88, officially participating in live casino betting. The method is as follows:

  • Step 1: Access the reputable link to the bookie system, select “register“.
  • Step 2: Complete the form given by w88, personal information must be accurate and thoroughly checked.
  • Step 3: Agree to the betting terms and confirm registration.
  • Step 4: Deposit your bet and click “live casino” on the menu
  • Step 5: Players choose betting lobby => products => bet => join => payment.


Hopefully with the above information, players will understand more about the live casino platform at W88. Registration, payment, services and products are all available, full details. Thank you players for following the article, wish players win when betting!