Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

Before starting to bet at W88, players need to accept and comply with the bookmaker’s rules, conditions and terms of use. These feature help players better understand the bookmaker as well as the benefits or policies that players will receive. Here are some terms of use at the W88asia.info

Terms and Condition

The Basic Terms

  • W88 bookmaker has the right to unilaterally terminate the player’s access if cheating is detected without notice.
  • Players must provide accurate information in accordance with the bookmaker’s privacy policy.
  • Players are totally responsible for keeping their account information confidential (ID, password) and not reveal to third parties.
  • The bookmaker can deny all access if there are violations of regulations.
  • One of the important things of the bookmaker is copyright ownership. All images and betting products on the website are the only property of W88. Therefore, all acts of copying content or using information must have the agreement of the bookmaker.
  • Do not use the brand image of W88 for the purpose of personal profit
  • If during the betting process, players may have some complaints or disputes, you can contact the competent authorities to be resolved.
  • All information at the W88 bookmaker is guaranteed to be suitable for the betting community. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to propagate illegal and untrue information.
  • Players can only register when they are 18 enough years old or older and must be responsible for their actions and decisions.
  • It is strictly forbidden for members to take advantage and be prosecuted by legal authority
  • Members must accept and comply with the rules and conditions of the bookmaker W88.
  • The players need to understand clearly about the policies, conditions and terms of the bookmaker W88 to avoid error betting situations during the betting process here.

The cases do not prosecution of Liability.

W88asia.info is the address that provides a link to the W88 bookmaker, and provides the latest information, betting odds, football news, tips and betting experience at the bookmaker. This information is collected and selected by us from 3rd parties.

If players have problems with 3rd parties, W88asia.info will not be responsible. Therefore, players need to absolutely protect personal information and not disclose it to others.

If the players are underage or commits illegal acts or acts of vandalism, W88asia.info is disclaimed from all liability.

With the aim of improving service quality, helping players have the best experience as well as avoiding unnecessary risks, W88asia’s team is always ready to support players anytime, anywhere.

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