W88.com – How To Become Affiliate Of The W88 Bookie

With the desire to find more new sources of customers, the W88 bookie allows you as well as many other members to act as an Affiliate. This is indeed a great opportunity for those who both like to bet and want to get more jobs to increase their income. As long as you visit W88 home page and follow the instructions, you will have a chance to receive up to 40% of the affiliate commission each month.

So how to become an Affiliate of W88. What benefits will you get if you register as an Affiliate here? Join the W88 bookie follow the article below for more useful information!

Affiliate Of The W88 Bookie

W88 is known to be a veteran online bookmaker on the market today. The number of players registered to bet at the W88 bookie is increasing. With W88 you can join all the betting games you want. From classical such as Roulette to Baccarat, Blackjack or even exciting and exciting sports matches such as football, tennis, racing, horse racing, … In addition, the W88 bookie also has a strong point in sports. Virtual and many different Slots themes. Whenever you place bets at the W88 bookie, you will have the opportunity to receive from extremely attractive promotions.

The credibility, quality of games and service at the W88 bookie are unquestionable. Every day, there are hundreds of thousands of hits and bets on W88 bookie. The era of technology is increasingly developing, becoming an Affiliate of a bookie is not too new. This is an opportunity for each player to earn more money gently, without time constraints or affecting other jobs.

You just need to register as an Affiliate of W88 to receive commissions up to 40%. Your task is to find new customers for the bookie.

You are completely assured when working with the W88 bookie. All personal information, betting accounts will be completely confidential. The bookie uses a modern system to prevent viruses from stealing data. Whether you join by mobile or computer is still easy to operate. Many attractive promotions are waiting for you to receive when registering as W88’s Affiliate.

How To Register An Affiliate The W88 Bookie 

To register to become a W88 bookie, simply follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Access the registration link.

On the market, there are many links to guide W88 registration as an Affiliate. You need to be careful, choose the link provided by W88 to ensure safety.

  • Step 2: Complete the registration form

You fill in the registration form (full name, date of birth, email in use, username and password …) Don’t forget to choose language, country (W88 Vietnam – W88 Australia – W88 Indonesia..) and currency.

  • Step 3: Complete the registration

After completing the registration form, please click on the box “I am 18 years old …”; Select “Join” to confirm registration information

As mentioned, the chance of getting a commission of up to 40% is not difficult. The method for calculating commissions is as follows:

Commission = Total loss bet – fees *% commission rate.

  • In which, the costs include: administration fee, deposit and withdrawal fee, promotional money of customers.
  •  Affiliates need to maintain a minimum of 5 active betting members for a month to have a chance to receive 40% of the commission.

Commission payments will be received on the 2nd and 15th of each month. In the event of negative sales or commissions below $ 100, your payment will be carried over to the next month.


The above is the full registration information, benefits and commission level you will receive if you become an official Affiliate of W88 bookie. The W88 bookie not only guarantees the quality of the bet products but also many other attractive benefits for you. This is truly a way to get rich without much effort!