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Sicbo is a game that uses dice and rolls to determine points and participants predict and bet on the number of dice after the shock, a famous game at casinos, including traditional casinos or online bookies. Currently Sicbo is a game that many players love and choose at many bookies. So do you know how to play Sicbo Online at W88 or at any other top online bookie? Let’s find out through the article below.

Sic Bo Rules

This game will use 3 6-sided dice. At the start, the player will predict the dice outcome and place bets on the bet lines. The dealer will then roll the dice and announce the results of these 3 dice. If the prediction is correct, you will receive the same bet as the original odds.

At W88, you can choose to play live Sic Bo with real people shaking the dice or choosing automatic shaking. Both ways of playing are extremely honest, transparent and without pre-arrangement. Sic Bo games have a fairly fast time. As soon as you open the lid, you will know if you won or lost.

You can choose to play Sic Bo with real people shaking the dice or choosing automatic shaking.

How to Play Sic Bo

Compared to other games at online casinos like Poker or Craps, the way to play Sic Bo is quite simple. On the table, there will be bet doors available, you just need to choose the appropriate bet door and place a bet.

After all players have placed their bets, the dealer will roll 3 dice. The result will be the total score of all 3 dice. On the table there will be many types of bets for you to choose among the popular bets can be mentioned as:

  • Bet 1 number

One-number bets are considered to be the simplest form of betting in the game of Sic Bo. You need to predict the number that will appear on the 3 dice. The amount of the bonus will depend on the number of dice with the number you choose.

For example, you bet number 2. After rolling the dice with 1 ball with the number 2, you will receive a reward with the ratio of 1:1. If there are 2 balls appearing with the number 2, the reward ratio is 1:2. Similarly, if all 3 balls have 2 then you bet 1:3.

  • Total score of 3 dice

When betting on a total of 3 dice, you need to predict the number of 3 dice. The number of points will be from 4 to 17. Depending on the probability of the number of points appearing, the odds will be different. In which, numbers 1 and 17 will have the highest odds.

  • Over – Under bets

This is the most common form of bet when playing Sic Bo. You will need to predict the score of 3 dice. The bookie rules, the door corresponds to the points of 3 dice from 11 to 17 points and the faint door has a total score of 4 – 10 points. The odds of the over and under door are 1:1.

  • Bet 2

With this bet, you need to choose any pair for the 3 dice. If your prediction is correct, you will be rewarded with a ratio of 1:8. W88 does not regulate the amount. Therefore, you can bet on multiple pairs at the same time.

For example, you bet on a pair of 3, if 3 dice have 2 with 3, you will win.

  • Bet 3

You will bet on the number on which all 3 dice will result. This is the hardest bet. Therefore, the same bet will be the highest. For example, if you place a set of 3 as 4, if all 3 dice are 4, you win.

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So we have learned how to play Sicbo Online at W88 already. With just a few simple steps, you have completed the bet and have the opportunity to receive the corresponding bonus amount. Join, experience and play Sic Bo at for sure you will be satisfied.

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