Domino QQ – How To Play Domino QQ at W88 Bookie

Domino QQ is an online entertainment game that appears quite popular at W88, chosen by many players. This game has a rather complicated way of participating, players have to go through many steps to place bets. Players who have a need to participate in this game should not ignore the article below!

The Levels Of Betting In Domino QQ

  • Level 1: Bet limit from 1 to 1000 coins, usually this bet is for new players to join.
  • Level 2: From 10 to 10000 coins is the bet at this level, the difficulty will increase a bit and players will definitely have more interesting experiences.
  • Level 3: Limit bet players need to use from 20 to 20000 coins.
  • Level 4: This is the highest bet, players need to spend a high amount of money to participate. However, if the player wins, the bonus they receive will be equally attractive. The bet limit players need to use in this tier is from 5o to 50,000.

The Rules Of The Domino QQ

Six Devil > Twin > Small > Big > QuiQui

Six Devil:

  • All card values become 6.
  • The biggest special card.
Twin Cards: The card values above are the same as the ones below.
Small Cards: The total value of the cards will all be less than or equal to 9. 
Big Cards: The total value of the cards will all be 39 or more.
QuiQui: The total value of the cards on the left and right together becomes 9.
Ordinary Card: Cards that are not special cards.

The Process Of A Domino QQ

  • The game begins when entering. Ante bet and deal three cards.
  • First raise time.
  • Second saise time.
  • Confirming the final cards type. Players compare wins and losses.
  • System takes 5% commission when you win.

Since multiple players, the balance will be converted into T-coin.

Some Note To Play The Domino QQ

  • Players should search and choose a reliable bookies W88 to join Domino QQ.
  • Players should control their personal finances, consider before making decisions for themselves and limit bad and unlucky situations from happening.
  • Players should keep their mentality when placing bets, make the correct decisions before placing bets. Since the entire game is used for real money, the prize and the loss are also real money.
  • Each game has its own strategy and so does Domino QQ. Finding and applying the correct strategy will help players improve the situation, avoiding unexpected situations.


In general, compared to other games like Rooster Fighter or Dragon Master, Domino QQ is a game with a good picture and sound. Players have many options when it comes to betting Domino QQ. However, winning or not depends on the ability of each player, the form of bets and the strategy that the player applies. Hope the above information is useful, helping players win big!


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