What Is 1/4 Handicap ? How To Bet Handicap 1/4 In Football Betting

What Is 1/4 Handicap ?

The 1/4 handicap is one of the most popular types of odds, used by many players in football betting online. 1/4 handicap appear at most online bookmaker in Asia and W88 is no exception.

In the 1/4 handicap, the upper team accepts the team under 0.25 goal. The player bets on the team above and if that team wins, the player wins. If the result is a tie the player loses the bet. For the underdogs there is a reverse calculation.

1/4 Handicap  

  • If a player bets on the upper team and the result is Tie then the player loses 50% of the bet.
  • If the upper team wins, the player will win 100% of the bet.
  • If the upper team loses, the player will lose 100% of the bet amount.

For those who are new to 1/4 handicap betting will be a bit of a surprise. Below are specific examples of handicaps for players to know.

Example: A.H 1/4

Ecuador vs Japan matchmaking in the Copa America 2019 on June 25, 2019. Based on what W88 Bookmaker offers, players have the following options:

The Ecuadorian team is the upper team, and the underdog is Japan 1/4 goal. The winning team wins the lower team by 1.95: 1.97. If the player bets on Ecuador, the final result is:

  • The player loses half of the bet amount if the score is tied. For example, a player wagering $ 100 will lose $ 50.
  • The player loses all bets if Ecuador loses. That is, wagering $ 100 will lose all $ 100.
  • The player wins with enough money if Ecuador wins. This means that the player who wagered $ 100 gets $ 95 in winnings (5% will be the commission bet at the bookmaker.)
  • If the player bets on Japan then the calculation is the opposite.
  • In addition 1/4 handicap, W88 bookmakers also offer many other attractive markets such as 3/4 handicap, Over / under … What players need to do is to choose the right football match, learn more information to win the whole thing.


Usually, the players who are new to football betting will not know the rules of the game. With the player’s desire for a smoother betting, W88 bookmaker provides players with the necessary information and gives specific examples of each bet type. In addition, if players need to know more information during betting, they just need to type in the search box. All betting information at W88 will appear and assist players. Wish players have an enjoyable experience at W88 bookmaker.


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