28 Mansions Slot – Instructions to Play 28 Mansions Slot at W88 Casino

Slot 28 Mansions, Cash of Kingdoms is one of the slot game products that is being chosen by many players at the W88. This game is designed with many unique bonus features, giving players a chance to win a Grand Jackpot of up to 10,000 USD. Let’s watch with W88asia how to play 28 Mansions Slot through the article below!

28 mansions

Introducing 28 Mansions Slot

28 Mansions Slot is a slot game from the publisher Playtech, themed with precious gold and diamond symbols. Set in the Chinese era, 28 Mansions Slot is designed with bold Chinese style, sharp images and sounds promising to bring players moments of discovery of extremely valuable treasures.

28 Mansions Slot is designed with 3 rows, 5 columns and 243 winning ways. At the beginning of the slot spins, players need to create winning combinations of symbols by spinning the reels. Winning combinations will be paid out based on the specified winning ways. Your total stake equals 50 bets for 243 winning ways.

Winning combinations will be paid out in order starting from the leftmost reel. Besides, in certain winning ways, the system only pays out the highest value combination and other wins will be accumulated. Your bonus is calculated by multiplying by the coefficients in the paytable with the corresponding symbols.

In 28 Mansions Slot, you can apply the auto spin feature by selecting the Autoplay button. This feature only works when you activate it and stops when the reels have turned the specified number of times or the amount of money you bet.

Icons In 28 Mansions Slot

Regular icon

At 28 Mansions Slot, the regular symbols offered are the main ones, including: Golden Dragon, Golden Phoenix, Golden Tiger, Golden Turtle, Dragon Boat and card symbols: A,K,Q ,J,10.

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol appears on columns 2, 3, 4 and 5. This symbol can substitute for all other symbols, except Coin.

Scatter icon

Scatter is the tree icon image in the game. This symbol can appear on any reel. During the base round, if you can land three or more consecutive Scatter or Wilds on 3 adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel, the Prosperous Choice Feature can be activated. During the free spins, if you continue to land 3 or more Scatter, you will be awarded an additional 18 free spins.

Prosperity Spins Feature

If you land 5 Coins that appear anywhere on the reels at the end of the spin, you will trigger the Prosperity Spins feature. Coins will trigger this feature right at the standing position and all other positions will work on an individual reel.

Players can also win Prosperity Spins during the Prosperous Choice feature with 15 slots converted to individual reels. As soon as Prosperity Spins start, the player will get 3 Free Spins. When 1 or more Coins symbols appear in any position, they can be kept and increase the number of free spins you get.

The Prosperity Spins feature will end if the player wins the Grand Jackpot or there are no more free spins.

Jackpot Pick feature

To trigger this feature, players simply land a Wild symbol on the reels. The number of Wilds appearing on the reels will be calculated according to the corresponding coefficient:

  • 2 Wild, the probability of activating the Jackpot Pick feature is increased by 2
  • 3 Wild, the probability of activating the Jackpot Pick feature is increased by 3.

As soon as the Jackpot Pick feature is activated, 12 Coins will appear. Each Coins will provide 1 XIU baby,  Grand Baby, Major Baby, Minor Baby and Mini Baby.

In case the Jackpot Pick feature is activated at the same time as other features, the Jackpot Pick will be paid first.

  • 3 Grand Babies make a Grand Jackpot
  • 3 Major Baby make a Major Jackpot
  • 3 Minor Babies make up the Minor Jackpot
  • 3 Mini Baby forming a Mini Jackpot

Prosperous Choice Features

Tính năng Prosperous Choice được kích hoạt bởi 3 hoặc nhiều Scatter/ Wild xuất hiện liên tiếp trên 3 cuộn. Trong trường hợp cả hai tính năng: Prosperous Choice và Prosperity Spins đều được kích hoạt cùng lúc thì tính năng Prosperity Spins sẽ được trả thưởng trước.


Grand Jackpot

If the player can land 15 Coins on the reels, they will receive the Grand Jackpot. Or a player can get this jackpot if there are 3 Grand babies in the Jackpot Pick feature.

Major Jackpot

At the end of the Prosperity Spins feature, there will be a chance to get a Major Coin to activate the Major Jackpot.

Minor & Mini Jackpots

These 2 jackpots will be available for you to get Minor Coin and Mini Coin when Prosperity Spins feature ends.

Payment Table

Icon 5x 4x 3x
Golden Dragon 500 50 20
Phoenix 100 30 15
Golden Tiger 75 20 10
Golden Turtle 50 15 7
Dragon boats 35 10 5
A 25 5 2
K 25 5 2
Q 25 5 2
J 25 5 2
10 25 5 2


With the information about 28 Mansions Slot above, hopefully you can understand more about the rules and how to play this attractive slot game. Visit W88 today to not miss the opportunity to discover the biggest treasure on the planet!


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