3/4 handicap – Introducing about 3/4 odds in football betting online

When players refer to and judge football odds at A-Sport W88, players will often encounter odds of 3/4 handicap. However, for newcomers, they do not understand this type of bet, nor do they have experience in betting. In the article below, W88 will help players understand more about 3/4 handicap. At the same time, the system also guides players to participate in 3/4 handicap.

3/4 handicap

What Is 3/4 handicap?

3/4 handicap is also known as 0.75 handicap. This is the type of bet the upper team will accept the under team 0.75 goal. This means the player bets on the upper team and gets half of the bet, if the upper team wins by 1 goal. 3/4 handicap is not only applicable in football, this type of bet is also used in many other sports.

In 3/4 handicap will have two teams: the upper team(Top Dog) and the under team(Underdog).

  • If the upper team wins by 1 goal, when the match ends, the player betting on the under team will lose half of their bet.
  • If the match ends and the two teams have an equal score, the player who bet on the under team will receive the full bonus.
  • If the player bets on the upper team, the player wants to win, the upper team must win by more than 1 goal.

3/4 Asian Handicap

Portuguese and French : 1.46 : 0.5/1 : 2.83

Above is the odds of 3/4 odds from the table at W88 bookmaker. Two Portuguese and French teams in the framework of Euro 2020. Based on the ratio table, players can see that France is the upper team and Portugal is the under team. The handicap of the two teams is 3/4 goal. The following cases will happen if the player bets on French

  • Player bet French wins and the score between the two teams is 1 goal, the player wins half the money. This means that player bet 500$ then player get 500 x (1.46-1)/2= 115$
  • If France wins by 2 goals, the winning amount the player receives is 500 x 2.83 = $915 plus the initial bet.
  • If France loses or both teams are equal, you lose $500 of your bet.

3/4 Over/Under

Player bet Over

  • Player wins enough money if the total real goal is greater than 2 goals.
  • If the result is more than 1 goals Over/Under, the player wins half the money.
  • If the final score is below 1 goals, the player loses money.

Meaning Of 3/4 Odds

For professional bettors 3/4 Odds is the talking number on the odds table. Players rely on the numbers above to understand the strength of the two competing teams. Including the current performance, the tactics applied… From there, the player makes an accurate judgment between the two teams.

Difference Between 3/4 handicap And 1/2 handicap

  • In 1/2 handicap, if the upper team wins with any score, the player receives the full winnings, there is no case of losing half of the money.
  • 3/4 handicap are more complicated, the upper team wins 0.5 goal, the player only gets half of the winnings.


Above is some basic information about 3/4 handicap. Hopefully through this article, players will understand more about 3/4 handicap, know the meaning of the numbers and make appropriate choices. The system also has a lot of information about other types of bets, extremely attractive payout rates. Players can register W88 and place bets today!


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