How To Play Badminton Betting Online At Bookie W88

Although not a popular, well-known sport in the online betting market, badminton still retains its own interesting features. Players who want to participate in badminton betting can go to any bookmaker. W88 is one of the bookies that have been offering badminton betting. The following article W88asia will detail how to bet badminton for new players!

What Is Badminton?

Badminton is a sport appearing in many countries, with a confrontational nature between two teams. Badminton matches are widely held from domestic to international sports tournaments. Players when participating in betting on badminton will be based on the odds offered by the house. The competition form of badminton can be singles or doubles. If it is in the form of a doubles competition, it can be men’s doubles, more doubles or alternating men and women.

How to get the scores in Badminton

  • Players who want to bet on badminton must have their own judgment, understand the rules of the game and how to calculate the score of this sport.
  • In a match, two teams will play against each other in 3 sets. The team that wins 2 out of 3 sets wins.
  • Scoring in badminton is as follows:
  • Each team can get a maximum score of 21 points. This means that the team that gets 21 points first, that team will win.
  • If in the event the two teams tie with a score of 20-20, the two teams continue to play until one team has a 2 point lead over the other.

Types of betting badminton

Before placing bets, players need to understand the types of bets currently offered on badminton.

  • Winner Bet: The player predicts which of the two athletes will win and places a bet on that athlete.
  • Handicap: For this type of bet, the player predicts and places a bet on the athlete who could win. At the same time, the player predicts the number of handicap sets of two athletes.
  • Handicap scores: Players predict, bet on the total number of points that two athletes can win in a certain time period given by the bookie.
  • Odd/even bet: The player bets the player’s total set to be odd or even.
  • Total scores over/under: Bookie gives a specific number, the player predicts whether the total score of the match will be higher or lower than that number.
  • Over/Under : With this bet type, the player will bet that the total set of the game played is higher or lower than the odds offered by the bookie.
  • Correct Scores: When playing this bet, the player will correctly predict the score and outcome of the match. As soon as the match ends and the player’s bet exactly matches the result of the match, they will win the bet.

How To Bet The Badminton At W88 Bookmaker

Players after learning about the rules of the game, how to calculate points and refer to the popular bet forms of badminton, players can place bets according to the steps below:

  • Step 1: Access to W88 bookie.

First, players need to choose the link leading to W88 bookie, the link must be safe and have high security. Next, the player proceeds to log in to his account, if he does not have an account, the player selects “Register” to proceed with registration and complete personal information.

  • Step 2: Choose Badminton Betting

At the interface of W88 bookie, players choose “Sports” => Badminton.

  • Step 3: Choose a bet and place a bet

Every day the bookie offers a new betting table and as soon as the table of odds appears, players choose the appropriate type of rafters and odds. Next, the player chooses “Bet” to complete the betting process.

  • Step 4: Follow the progress of the match

After placing a bet, players can follow the progress right at the bookie’s homepage. If any unexpected situation occurs, the player can adjust by participating in other bets.

Tips to play badminton at W88 bookmaker

Having a few betting tips in badminton betting will help players increase their chances of winning. Here are a few basic experiences, players can refer to:

  • Players must understand the rules of badminton and each separate betting rule at different bookies.
  • Players should find out information about athletes before placing bets. At the same time, players must analyze those players. Information can be learned such as: recent performance, past achievements, advantages and disadvantages of competing, etc. When players know the athlete well, they will give information. make the most accurate predictions.
  • Players should consult information from betting experts, which is the fastest way for players to accumulate more experience.
  • Players should know how to balance the game, balance their personal emotions and set limits for themselves. Players should not feel greedy when they win, if they lose a lot of players, they should stop playing, don’t bet because it can cause players to lose completely.

Reputable bookies such as W88,, 188bet  all offer sports betting. Players can sign up for an account and start participating in badminton betting today.


Recently the sharing about how to play the rules of badminton. Players who want to improve their victory can apply a few more experiences that have been displayed in the article. Hope players have a great experience with badminton betting at W88 bookie!


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