FaFa Roulette – Discover the new version of Roulette at the W88 bookmaker

If you are a gambling enthusiast, surely you will not know about Roulette – one of the extremely popular games on the market today. Players can easily find themselves a suitable Roulette version to increase their chances of winning.

In particular, FaFa Roulette is one of the new, attractive Roulette versions with high paying opportunities. Let’s discover more about this game with W88!

What’s FaFa Roulette?

FaFa Roulette is a 3D version of Roulette, improved from traditional roulette. This game has the same rules as Roulette but with the addition of red FaFa red envelopes with the value multiplied from 50 to 288.

Fafa roulette is currently offered by 2 bookmakers, w88 and bookmaker Vn88.com. At the beginning of the game, the bookmaker will proceed to drop 1 ball on the Fafa wheel, then the player will have to predict and bet on where the ball will stop. You will win if your prediction matches the result of where the ball lands.

When the FaFa Roulette table spins, the  bookmaker system will appear Fafa red packets. As soon as the player chooses to win with the result on the wheel combined with the Fafa red packets, you will be able to immediately receive a huge victory when playing this game.

Payout Table of FaFa Roulette

Type Bet Limited
Single 2.00-50.00
Pair 2.00-250.00
Row 2.00-250.00
Corner 2.00-250.00
Dozen 2.00-500.00
Two Row 2.00-500.00
Column 2.00-500.00
1-18 / 19 – 36 2.00-500.00
Odd/ Even 2.00-500.00
Red/ Black 2.00-500.00

Experience playing FaFa Roulette at the bookmaker

You can refer to some tips for playing FaFa Roulette that we have compiled from experts and the experience from the players.

  • Bet on Even/Odd or Black/Red

This is considered the easiest bet when participating in Fa Fa Roulette. Experienced players all think that this type of bet is quite similar to the game of dice, so the probability of winning will be 50 -50.

If you have experience playing FaFa Roulette, you can choose both Even/Odd or Red/Black bets. However, if you are a new player, choose this type of bet before using other types of bets to better understand FaFa Roulette and win easily.

  • Reasonable bet

A reasonable bet is when you use a range bet. This way, your probability of winning will be higher, however, the risk of losing the bet is also extremely high. If you win, you win the whole bet; If you lose, you will lose twice as much.

This type of bet is when the player bets 1 chip on 1 box between 1 – 18 with the odds of winning 1:1; 1 chip on the cells between 25 – 36 with odds of winning 1:2:

If the announced result is between 1 – 18, the player and the bookmaker will tie.

If the result is between 25 – 36 then the player wins 1 chip.

If the result falls on cells 0, 19-24, the player loses.

  • Reasonable financial management

Players need to build themselves the most reasonable financial management. Set limits for yourself, like: stop if you have won or lost 5 games in a row; or if you win 30% -50% of the capital.

Instructions for Playing FaFa Roulette at the W88 bookmaker

Step 1: Access the W88 bookmaker

Always visit the bookmaker with the safest and most reputable link to ensure you can have the best experience! After accessing, please log in to your W88 account

Step 2: Choose FaFa Roulette

At the homepage, select GAMES -> select FaFa Roulette

Step 3: Place a bet

As soon as the game interface appears, proceed to choose a bet level and start your game.


FaFa Roulette is a 3d version of Roulette, with a payout rate of up to 288 times your original bet, but to receive this huge bonus, players must learn the details of how to play, as well as the experience that W88  guided in this article. Visit W88 today, so as not to miss any chance to receive attractive prizes!


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