How To Play GPI Lottery At W88 Bookmaker

Lottery is a popular game in the betting market, with lots of people participating in the lottery. Most bookmakers offer lottery versions with attractive versions to meet the needs of players. W88 bookmaker owns many different versions of lottery such as Fast 3 lottery, PK10 lottery, GLI lottery. Through the article below, W88 will guide players how to play GPI lottery

What Is The GPI Lottery?

The GPI lottery is a betting based on the lottery results of 4 sets of numbers. So instead of relying on broadcast results, the GPI lottery depends on the bookmaker’s dial-up system. Players participating in the GPI lottery only need to place bets, within 180 seconds the result will be displayed.

Besides, W88 bookmaker offers many different hand bets that players love.

Instructions For Playing GPI Lottery At W88 Bookmaker

To join GPI at W88 bookmaker you must select 4 sets of numbers below:

Set of 6 numbers: This is the first prize.

  • Groups of numbers have 2 numbers: Each set of numbers will include 3 numbers called the first triple.
  • The 3rd set of numbers consists of 3 numbers: the player or the last 3 set, each set of numbers will consist of 3 numbers.
  • The fourth group has 1 set of 2-digit numbers, also known as a duo.

The set of numbers is calculated in the above groups from 0 to 9. Depending on the needs of each player, they will select one or more groups of numbers from the 4 groups provided above to place bets.

The bonus rules for the GPI lottery groups are calculated as follows:

Group 1: First prize

A total of 6 numbers will be drawn, player will bet the last 3 numbers in the draw.

  • Bet on exact 3 numbers: Player bet 3 numbers and will win if the predicted result matches the last 3 numbers in that draw.
  • Any 3-digit bet: If the bet result of 3 numbers matches the player’s choice, regardless of the order, the player wins.
  • Exact two numbers bet: Player bet on the last 2 numbers specified.
  • Bet on any number: Players can choose any number from 0 to 9 to place their bet. If 1 of the last 2 digits of the 6-digit result matches the number chosen by the player, then the player wins.
  • BOSE – Over / Under / Even / Odd: Players can select even / odd or over / under bet types. Winning results are calculated according to the final 3 total numbers being even or odd, over or under. Milestone 13 is used to calculate over / under, higher 13 is over, and less than 13 is under.
  • Lucky mascot hand bet type: The player’s outcome is based on the last 3 total of the set result. The mascot that corresponds to the last 3 total is considered the mascot.
  • Types of bet on shrimp, crab and fish: At GPI, bet sets of fish including 000,111,222,333,…, 999; The Shrimp set includes any trio 022,202,220… .; Bet on the last duo 022,200….

Group 2 – The first triple set

The player’s task is to choose two sets of 3 numbers to bet on each set. Player wins if the result matches 1 of 2 lottery sets.

Group 3 – The last triple set

2 sets of numbers are chosen by the player, each with 3 numbers. The player wins if the result matches the 3 numbers he selected.

Group 4 – The double

A set of 2 numbers is dialed. Players can bet on the exact duo or any 1 number. If betting any number 1, the player can choose a number from 0 to 9. And the player wins when the result appears in either number being drawn. For the exact duo type, only 2 selected numbers of players need to match the result of spin for the player to win.


Diamonds, rubies, and rubies are the three markets for playing GPI lottery at W88 bookmaker. Players just need to log in to their account and select the appropriate betting market and then start placing bets. Regardless of the market, the odds are also high, with many attractive rewards. W88 bookmaker welcomes you to place bets.

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