Handball Betting – How to bet on Handball at the online bookie

Handball betting is a form of players betting on an actual match based on the odds offered by the bookie. If the player’s prediction matches the actual result of the match, the player wins and receives the prize. Depending on when players place their bets, they will have different payouts.

At bookies like W88, Handball betting is quite popular, followed and participated by many players. However, new players still do not understand the rules of Handball betting. Today’s article W88asia will provide specific information for players to better understand this information!

handball betting

What Is Handball?

Handball is a sport when participating athletes use their hands to catch the ball instead of using their feet like in football. Handball is more popular in the West than in the East, being a nominated sport at major tournaments like the Olympic Games.

Each Handball match will have two teams playing, the task of team members is to coordinate with each other to score higher points than the opponent. Handball betting attracts a lot of players at bookies, because:

  • Convenience: Players are free to bet, not limited in time and not simple. Each player only needs to own an official betting account at bookie to be able to start the game today, with no limit on the amount of bets as well as the number of bets.
  • Safe: Each player owns a betting account to participate. All personal information will be encrypted, confidential and not disclosed to third parties or individuals.
  • Payment: If players choose a reputable bookie, all transactions will be done quickly and easily. The time for each transaction lasts from 5 to 10 minutes, players just need to follow the instructions at the system and wait for the bookie to process.
  • Incentives: In addition to placing bets and receiving winnings, players also have the opportunity to receive additional incentives from the bookie. Almost every bookies offers attractive promotions, which will attract more new players and at the same time reward loyal members. Players only need to update their email regularly and apply appropriate incentives to increase their reward level.

The Rules Betting Of Handball

  • A Handball match will last from 60 to 70 minutes. The final result is determined when the game time runs out.
  • If a match is suspended for more than 12 hours, all player bets will be void.
  • All old bets placed by the player at the bookie will be forfeited and replaced by the website with new bets if the playing field is changed.
  • Handball has a variety of bets, players are free to choose 1×2 Betting, HongKong odds, Indo Odds, Malay Odds, Handicap
  • Before the match is started, the bookie bets are provided and updated continuously from time to time.
  • Players when betting Handball should pay attention to the following cases: red card, yellow card, …

Types Of Betting In Handball

  • Win or Lose Bet: The player predicts which team will win. If the player’s prediction matches the actual match result, then the player wins the bet. The payout depends on when the player places the bet.
  • Over/Under: Players make predictions about goals in the match.
  • Over: If the player predicts the total number of goals higher than the odds given by the bookie.
  • Under: If the player predicts the total number of goals is lower than the odds given by the bookie.


  • Odd: If the player chooses the total number of goals in the match will be odd.
  • Even: Player predicts whether the total number of goals in the match will be even.

If the actual result of the match matches the player’s prediction, the player wins.

  • Tournament Winner: For this type of bet, the player does not need to care about the match. Players only need to predict which team will win the final championship. If the team selected by the player actually wins the championship, the player wins the bet and receives the prize, or vice versa.

Tips To Play Handball Online

  • Players who want to participate in Handball need to understand the rules of the game. Anyone who bet must have knowledge, without understanding the sport, it is difficult for players to follow a complete ball game and make accurate predictions.
  • Depending on each bookie, there will be different rules for placing bets. Before participating, players must learn about the terms and understand the betting rules to protect their interests. Thus, players also avoid regrets when betting online.
  • Players must know the schedule of matches, keep a close eye on the matches and teams they love. From there, new players grasp the specific situation and make appropriate bets.
  • Knowledge such as: tactics, history of confrontation between two teams, strategies, coaches, … players must understand.
  • Psychology is one of the important factors, it contributes to improving the results of betting a lot. If the player has a strong mentality, he or she can hold back temporary desires and not fall into the game. Because players when not in control of themselves can lead to the result of losing the entire bet.


The information above has partly answered questions about Handball betting. Players who want to bet on Handball must first choose a reputable and quality bookie. Next, players must equip themselves with knowledge about this sport, apply experiences so that it is reasonable to increase the possibility of winning. Good luck players!


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