Handicap 1/2 – How To Play Handicap 1/2 In Football Betting

When playing football betting, the bookmaker often offers many different bets for players to choose. Handicap 1/2 is one of the popular bet types that many players are interested in because of the high winning rate. If you do not know specifically what handicap 1/2 is or how to play this bet, in the article below W88asia helps you understand about the handicap 1/2  in football.

handicap 1/2

Introduce about handicap 1/2

Handicap 1/2, also known with other common names, is 1/2 score or 0.5 score. It is called 1/2 because when betting with this handicap at bookies like m88 bet or w88, the stronger team (the upper team) often accepts the weaker team (the lower team) 1/2 score in football matches.

So with this bet, the upper team must win the lower team by at least 1 goal to win the bet. This ensures more fairness for the teams that are rated is the lower team when betting on the Asian handicap.

Because the strength of the two teams is different, the stronger team must accept the weaker team to balance. This is affect not small to the selection of players to play when betting. In handicaps, the half score is a green handicap, you can only win or lose money, but there is no draw.

How to calculate with handicap 1/2

The way to calculate win or lose with handicap 1/2 like this:

  • In case the upper team wins the lower team by at least 1 goal difference such as 2-1, 3-1 or 3-2, then if you choose the upper team, you win enough money. If you choose the lower team, you lose all your money.
  • In case the upper team loses to the lower team with any score, the lower team will definitely get enough money and the upper team will lose enough money.

Note: The calculation of the 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 handicap is similar to handicap 1/2.

The experience when playing handicap 1/2

  • Should bet on the home team if the home team is rated stronger and the away team is 0.5 left.
  • Should choose the home team if the away team is the upper team that handicaps the home team 1/2 score, but the level on the rankings of the two teams is not much different.
  • Choose the team that is rated stronger or the team that needs to win more if the two teams have to play on a neutral field.
  • If the lower team goal first, then the 1/2 handicap appears, you should choose the lower team to bet.
  • In case the 1/2 bet drops down to 1/4 in the first 15 minutes of the match, you should bet on the upper team to increase your chances of winning.
  • You should choose a team with a stronger attack  when this team’s handicap is lower than the handicap of half score. In addition, it is necessary to choose a match where both teams are capable of scoring, to avoid a 0-0 draw when betting on the upper team.


Handicap 1/2 is a type of bet that nearly every football betting player should refer to on the bookmakers’ odds table. Because it brings a great chance to win for players when participating in betting. Along with that, this is a rafter with only two options: win or lose when placing a bet.

Hope you can understand the details of the 1/2 handicap, along with how to read the odds and how to play the most effective handicap 1/2 through the article above. You should keep in mind and study carefully when choosing your bets.


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