Playboy Gold Jackpots – How to play Playboy Gold Jackpots slot at W88

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If you are one of the members of W88, we believe that you can not ignore Playboy Gold Jackpots Slot Game.

Playboy Gold Slot is a slot game developed by Microgaming game company. This is a slot game built on the game platform of the same name Playboy. In fact, Playboy Gold is also considered an upgraded version of the game and it is much different from Thunder Shields in terms of the Viking warriors that are also present at W88.

What is Playboy Gold Jackpots Slot?

Playboy Gold is a slot game with 100 ways to pay out bonuses with an RTP of 96.08%. In addition, this game can also bring players a large percentage of bonuses when participating. Besides, participating in Playboy Gold, you will be able to attend many attractive features that a slot game can bring. Examples include the free spins feature, Jumbo Blocks, re-spins, prize spins and many other great bonuses.

How To Win At Playboy Slots

For many players, the main reward for playing Playboy Gold is the cutely dressed Playboy symbols, especially Audrey and Raquel, the two hostesses in this game. Accordingly, Audrey and Raquel are the two female characters with images on the main game screen. These are the 2 characters that Microgaming uses to distract you!

However, in fact Microgaming and Triple Edge Studios have not forgotten that the main purpose of this game is a bonus slot game. That’s why they have cleverly integrated into Playboy Gold Slot many interesting features. These features will help you get exciting bonuses when you spin the slots.

Wild symbol

Playboy Gold slot also offers Wild symbols like other slot games. This symbol is represented by a golden Playboy card, despite the fact that this symbol rarely appears in the base game. It does appear in Jumbo Symbol Respins, though. This is a feature that will add a lot of winnings to you.

In addition, those Jumbo Symbols offer some very exciting cash prizes, from Wilds Prizes, to Multiplier and Round Bonus prizes. So you will never be afraid of getting bored or losing money when playing the Playboy Gold slot game.

  • The Wild symbol is a symbol with a variety of possible combinations.
  • The Wild Symbol substitutes other symbols except for the Spin Jumbo Block.
  • The Wild symbol will multiply upon substitution.
  • Each payline has only 1 winning combination to be paid. If there are multiple possible winning combinations on a payline, you will only be paid the value of the highest combination.

Rules of Spin Jumbo Blocks

  • Jumbo Block The Spin is the bonus symbol.
  • The Spin Jumbo block symbol cannot be replaced by a Wild symbol.
  • The Spins bonus play is triggered by the complete Jumbo Block.
  • Jumbo Block Partial display spinner can be shifted to fully visible in the Main Game.

Rules of the Spin Bonus Game

  • The Spins bonus play is triggered by the Complete Spins Jumbo block.
  • The Spin bonus is an individual spin.
  • Collect Jackpot or Free Spins.
  • Any bets you play in the bonus game are the same as the bets that triggered the Spin Bonus.

Rules of the jackpot game

The spin bonus game can get 1 out of 4 jackpots.

  • 20X Bet
  • 100X Bet
  • 500X Bet
  • 2500X Bet

Playboy Gold Slot Free Spins

If you land at least three Playboy Bunny Scatters symbols on the reels, you will receive the Wheel Bonus. The maximum number of free games you can land in this game is 10 Free Spins. Where the Jumbo Symbol is highlighted by Microgaming during each spin. However, this feature is just one of the other interesting features in the free to play section. Because Playboy Gold also has 2 other attractive bonuses in the free play. It will all depend on where the Wheel lands.

Before the Wheel Reward takes place, the game takes you to another set of reels, where the Playboy Playmate hostesses appear. As the wheel spins it will reveal one of three options – Free Spins, cash prizes or Match Bonus game. Cash prizes award up to 100 times your current bet, so the rewards can be absolutely huge if you’re a high stakes player.

For the Match Bonus, you are invited to choose cards in an attempt to find a matching pair and win the stated prize total. After you make your second pick, the prize will increase with each subsequent pick, up to a maximum of 10 times.

Payment symbols

Symbols 5x 4x 3x
Girl in yellow card 7.00 1.60 0.80
Girl in red card 5.00 1.40 0.80
Girl in purple card 3.60 1.20 0.60
Girl in blue card 3.00 1.00 0.60
Star 2.40 1.00 0.40
Spades 2.00 0.80 0.40
Hearts 1.60 0.60 0.20
Clubs 1.40 0.40 0.20
Diamonds 1.00 0.40 0.20


  • All 30 lanes are played.
  • All line wins are paid out from the leftmost reel to the right.
  • Pay only the highest winnings per line.
  • All line wins are multiplied by each line bet.
  • If something goes wrong, all payments and plays will be forfeited.


Playboy Gold is a beautiful slot game packed full of extras. Once again, it shows the power of Microgaming in developing top games. In this article, I showed you how to play Playboy Gold in the simplest way. Wish you have a lot of luck to conquer this game.


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