Introducing how to play the game Red Dog at W88 Bookmaker

Red Dog is the one of new card game at w88. This is the favorite game of all players. When you come to the Red Dog game you will have a great experience with simple rules. If you want to know more about this game let’s access the website w88 and enjoy with us.

Introducing how to play the game Red Dog at Online Bookmaker

The Rule of game Red Dog

Red Dog is a game using 6 decks of cards, and doesn’t have Joker cards. When Players participate in Red Dog, the system will give 2 cards from the first one followed clockwise. When the game is started, each card game will delete 1 card.

After receiving 2 cards, the players will place a bet. Next, you will guess the value of the 3rd card is between 2 of the cards you have before.

Consecutive scores

If players have 2 cards with the score continuous, the 2nd card will not give it and all the game is drawn, the player will get back the money.

Scores are not consecutive

In the case, the players have 2 cards and the score dissimilar and not consecutive, the score in the 2 cards will be declared.

After that, based on the score the players will be chosen bet more after the 3rd card appears. when the bet time finish, the players will choose the 3rd cards and win if:

  • The bookmaker wins if the 3rd card has the same value with one in 2 cards.
  • The players win if the value of the 3rd card is within the scope of the first  2 cards.


Couple is the card have the same value. In the case have couple in the game:

  • The 3rd card will give and the players cannot bet more. The players will receive the bonus with 1:11,if the 3rd card has the score the same with the first 2 cards.
  • The game will be drawn and the players will get back the money if the 3rd card have a score different from the first 2 cards.

Detail of How to play the game Red Dog

In this game, the players will play with Dealer.

Before the game starts, the players will bet a certain amount of money by adjusting the coins on the screen.

Starting the game, you will press the button Deal and immediately receive 2 cards. This has 1 face down card and 1 face up card.. The winning depends on the total score of all cards in your hand.

In the mid game is the bet table, the value of winning you will receive in the present depends on the value of the first 2 cards. And the chip coin with the symbol pointer will move to the corresponding cell displayed on the screen.

  • The game will be drawn if the value of 2 cards have 1 point difference.
  • The value of the 3rd card is different with the first 2 cards the game drawn too. But in this case, the players can choose again.
  • The players will get 11x bonus if the card has the same value and the 3rd card the same with the first 2 cards.

In case the difference between the cards is more than 1 point, the coin have Red Dog will be move to the cell with the missing card value between the 2 cards displayed on the screen.After that, the player will decide to keep or increase the bet.

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Here are detailed instructions on how to play the card game Red Dog at w88. We hope this information will help you have more experience when you bet in this game and have more chances to win the game with high bonus. Let’s come with us and find more game ate website w88.


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