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Xoc Dia online is a game of high risk. This game has simple rules, suitable for those who are new to betting. Currently most bookies offer Xoc Dia. Players can participate in many different systems. However, finding a safe and reputable bookie will help improve the quality of the player’s game. W88 bookmaker is one of the extremely good choices, players can try the Xoc Dia demo version on the system.

how to play xoc dia

What Is Xoc Dia?

Xoc Dia was originally a traditional game, usually held on major holidays. Later when the demand for players increased, the internet became more popular. Manufacturers in turn offer an online version of Xoc Dia to serve players. From there, players can comfortably join the game at many different times.

When participating in traditional Xoc Dia, the game equipment includes 1 plate, 1 bowl and 4 coins with 2 different faces. One player will hold a bowl and plate to shake the coins inside, the rest of the players will make bets.

Although the market is still full of news about Xoc Dia scams. However, this does not bring good results for players. The bet should be made at a safe, reputable and quality bookie. Besides, players must understand the game, know how to bet and apply experience at the right time.

The Rules Of Xoc Dia

When the game starts, bet types will be displayed on the table.

  • The bowl and plate will be bumped and the player needs to predict the outcome.
  • Before the betting period expires, the player can place a bet on any bet type.
  • When the result is announced, the bowl will be opened and the coins will show the result.
  • The player wins if the bet results match the announced result.


  • Player bets on Odd with a bet of $50.
  • The result is 3 Red 1 White, Odd.
  • The member wins and receives the reward according to the ratio previously displayed in the system.

The Types Of Bet At Xoc Dia

Even/Odd Coins has same color Odd/Even

·        Odd 3 Red 1 White, 3 White 1 Red

·        Even 4 Red , 4 White, 2 White 2 Red

Over/Under ·        Over 4 Red, 3 Red 1 White

·        Under 4 White, 3 White 1 Red

* Note: If the result is 2 White 2 Red, the player loses.

4 White/ 4 Red All sides are Red or White.

* Note: If the result is 2 White 2 Red, the player loses.

3 White + 1 Red/

3 Red + 1 White

Bet on 3 White + 1 Red or 3 Red + 1 White.

* Note: If the result is 2 White 2 Red, the player loses.


Types Of Bet Paytable
Even/Odd 1 : 1.95
Over/Under 1 : 1.98
4 White/1 Red 1 : 15
3 White + 1 Red/ 3 Red + 1 White 1 : 3.8

How To Play Xoc Dia Online At W88 Bookmaker

  • Step 1: Visit the W88 bookie homepage, choose a safe link to avoid scams that cause unjust money.
  • Step 2: On the Menu bar, select Games, then select Xoc Dia.
  • Play : Players will play for real money.
  • Demo : Allows players to participate in a trial to get used to playing Xoc Dia online at w88 bookie (no cost).
  • Step 3: Place bets

At this time, the Xoc Dia betting table is opened. Players only need to research and judge, then place in the box that the player has selected and wait for the bookie to announce the results.

  • Step 4: Pay and join a new bet.


Above is the entire detailed guide to the game Xoc Dia online at W88 bookie. Hope players can know more information, how to bet on this game. Xoc Dia has very simple rules, players can freely participate and receive rewards at bookie. In addition, the system has many other incentives and other attractive games waiting for players to join. Thanks for following the post!


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